Psychic Seduction Tips

The power of seduction is a gift. You must be charming in order to pull it off. Seducing the opposite sex might seem to an arduous task, but once you know the secret in doing so, it wouldn’t be any problem for you.

When talking about psychic seduction, it is a form of seduction assisted by psychic powers. Love charms, modern ESP and psychic science assist this act. In a nutshell, psychic seduction involves the following steps: 1.) visualizing the person you want to manipulate in your head 2.) Focusing on the sexual organs of the person with the attempt to arouse him or her 3.) Total concentration on this can actually lead to the arousal of the person you are conducting the psychic seduction on.

By nature, man wants the most beautiful woman he can possibly get. The rich, the famous, the beautiful. In your dreams, people around us would mutter. Then we wake up from our dreams.

But you can actually take matters into your own hands. You don’t have to sit and wait for your perfect woman to come along. You have to go out there, meet her and get her.

1. Do not be uptight. Women can sense if you are nervous. They know if you are constantly thinking about what your next move or words would be. Just relax. Be yourself. You do not have to change anything about you, just to please her. The ironic thing is that if you do change a part of your personality and all you are not at all comfortable, this shows. How can you seduce a woman if you are so frigid and uptight?

2. You must know what your mistakes in the past were. If you know that was a bad pick-up line, don’t use it anymore. If your style turned some women off, you do not have to change it, you just have to improve on it.

3. Let her know that you are interested. If you exude this energy that you are attracted to her, she would feel this. Who knows? The thought of you attracted to her might even be seducing her that very minute. Then you can spice things up by knowing what to say. Women like it if men make them feel good about themselves.

4. Train your mind. You have to focus on your goal. Your goal is to get the woman. Now with that determination, your thoughts will be concretized by your actions.

5. Have the right attitude. The right attitude is fearless and not arrogant. You have to convince her that you are confident in your own skin. That is a turn on for most women.

6. Eliminate every possible obstacle. A go-getter succeeds. You have to be a go-getter. Let’s just look at how movies do it. Those who do the chasing usually gets the girl. Step out of your shell and your comfort zone. Do not listen to any voice in your head that holds you back. You’re doing seduction here, so the best way for you to succeed in seducing your woman is to convince yourself that you can do this.

7. It’s in the approach. First impressions usually last. You have to pass through a woman’s defense. Most women bring their shields out as soon as they sense that the guy is just into it for sex. If this is the case, the mind is no longer enough. You have to let your fingers do the talking by slowly caressing parts of her body like her hand or her shoulders.

If all these do not work, then turn to psychic seduction. Who knows, maybe mind over matter works here. But you know? It’s true what they say, if you really want it and others can sense how much you want it, you get it. To put it in a more concrete example, if you want this woman so much, sooner or later, she feels it. Most probably, she’ll get turned on and be seduced by the idea of you desiring her. See? You have succeeded in seducing her.

Tips for Imbibing Ethics and Moral Values in Children

Going to school, listening to teachers, going home with a heavy head and finally end up with the roll of a mark sheet. Is that all? Are we among the ones in the rat race, chasing the rolls of certificates without realizing the responsibility that we owe towards the society at large? Certainly not.

We can always contribute our share towards the betterment of the society. Lending a helping hand can be imbibed at home through moral values as they lay a strong foundation in the child’s life. Children usually have the tendency of imitating their elders ( parents, teachers).This will also help you to mould your child as an ideal citizen.

These moral values serve as a magical potion to children as most of the times their parents are their first teachers. Herein, the parents need to have very strong morals in life to be a role model to their child. They need to help the child in figuring out the moral philosophies, moral and immoral nature of deeds, practices and the like kinds. This helps the child to have his/ her opinion based on the moral education imparted to him/her.

Using real life examples becomes an informal way of helping the child understand these ethical issues clearly.

Schools should also share an equal responsibility of inculcating these values in children as schools serve to be the child’s second home. These teachings in school are enforced through formal education that leaves an everlasting impression on the child.

Children absorb all the moral values and ethical issues irrespective of the type of education imparted to them. This helps them to contribute their share in the mere future towards the society.

Building Up Psychic Self Defense – Tips To Strengthen Weak Auras

You can work on a weak aura and strengthen it to serve you better; learn just how, right here!

Philosophers and new-age gurus expounding ways for self-realization and self-growth are all stressing on implementing proven strategies that they have used successfully to eliminate or block out negative energies and factors that cause them to halt their journey to a higher consciousness. This higher plane of consciousness is achieved through constant self-discovery, delving deep within yourself to learn your true nature, traits, positive and negative energies so these can be harnessed to meet the purpose of developing a more powerful aura, which can serve as a better protective shield from all environmental factors.

In Greek literature and philosophic thought, aura refers to Gloriole, nimbus or halo, which is literally a ring of light that surrounds persons or objects that have a sense of divinity in them. Thus, those who can read psychic-natures of others can also perceive these rings of spirituality around a person with intense divinity and purity even in a picture.

Many people mistakenly assume an aura to be a super-natural phenomenon, but this is not true. We all have an aura that is distinctly ours and defined by who we are within; it is reflective of our inner self and not the ice-bows that we see physically developing around or near the Moon or Sun, but is still an ethereal sort of luminescence that visibly surrounds a person who is connected with their divinity.

If we go according to traditional Greek thought, then the aura is defined by the rings of light enveloping the stronger, more physically manifested lights such as street-lighting. Whatever be the basis of each kind of philosophy, and indeed there are many theories for what comprises an aura – such as perceptual disorders similar to that experienced during a migraine or even an informer sensation that warns epileptic persons they may soon suffer a seizure, there is definite proof underlying the existence of a foreign light and color enveloping certain spiritual forms.

What we need to learn is how to differentiate between the good and bad points within us, block the distasteful and allow the positives to come in freely to influence us towards self-improvement and realization so our true worth is realized by using our aura to our benefit.

The importance of developing and strengthening the aura is also felt because it is that sudden impulse or sense of deep perception – say, even that gut instinct that kicks in without any apparent notice – that something is wrong or not quite in tune with a person’s values. It is what protects people with epilepsy from getting harmed as they know the seizure is coming on and can ask for help and even when sensing a negative vibe from a stranger, can remove themselves from harm’s way by listening to these warning signs.

However, in order for the weak aura to build into stronger, more tangible sensations, it is necessary to develop visual as well as mental perceptions to open-minded thinking wherein a wider viewpoint can be accepted without the conception of things getting lost.

Permethrin – A Non-Toxic Tick Repellent That Works

In the Northeast US, there are two species of ticks.

Wood ticks are large and while annoying, do not cause illness. Deer ticks, barely visible to the naked eye, were introduced to the Northeast United States 30 years ago and carry Lyme disease. These microscopic intruders have impacted the outdoors experience almost as much as sprawl.

If I had a nickel for every person who told me that they now limit their outdoor activities to winter to avoid ticks, I’d be a billionaire.

I don’t leave home without my pre-trek preparation, which includes making myself lethal to ticks. So what’s my secret?

A derivative of crushed dried Daisy Chrysanthemum flowers. The insecticidal properties of these plants have been recognized since the 18th century:

Permethrin. It has worked for me for the last 7 years. I specifically mean the pump or spray application for fiber, not a skin cream or ointment.

Permethrin is a chemically synthesized derivative of crushed dried Daisy Chrysanthemum (Chrysanthemum cinerariifolium, more commonly known as Pyrethrum) flowers.

It is available in sporting-goods and camping supply stores. The product available in NY is effective for two-weeks, but there are products on the market that last for up to six weeks.

Here is what I do:

* In a well-ventilated area, apply permethrin to all clothing, headgear, shoes, gloves

* Pay special attention to collars, armpit, waist, knee, ankle areas of garments

* Apply permethrin to backpack, especially arm straps, tent, sleeping bag, stuff sacks

* Let items dry before packing up

Why is Permethrin different than DEET? Permethrin stuns or kills insects that come in contact with it. DEET repels insects by blocking the receptors on an insect’s antennae which help it find its host. Once permethrin has dried on the clothing, it is bound so tightly to the fibers that any potential for absorption through the skin is negligible.

Is Permethrin safe for children and pets? While using the pump or spray, take special care to be away from water sources, ponds, or pet drinking dishes. Permethrin is toxic to fish, but has not been shown to be toxic to birds. Although there are permethrin sprays specifically sold for use on dogs, these products should never be used on cats. Because of their grooming habits and slow metabolism of permethrin, cats are much more susceptible to toxicity from permethrin. Once permethrin has dried on any fabric, it is no longer toxic.

What if permethrin gets on your skin? I typically wash my hands after applying permethrin. Everything I have read indicates that it is poorly absorbed by the skin and inactivated by the skin and liver and excreted. I have a history of acute skin allergies, so I wash my hands.

Can permethrin harm the environment? Some research indicates that permethrin is degraded by sunlight, readily metabolized by soil microorganisms, and that once dried, it is so tightly bound to fibers that it does not melt or leach into the environment.

What other preventive measures can nature-lovers take?

* Know your adversary

Deer ticks cannot jump or fly, and do not drop from above onto a passing animal. Potential hosts (which include all wild birds and mammals, domestic animals, and humans) acquire ticks only by direct contact with them. Once a tick latches onto human skin it generally climbs upward until it reaches a protected or creased area, often the back of the knee, groin, navel, armpit, ears, or nape of the neck. It then begins the process of inserting its mouthparts into the skin until it reaches the blood supply.

* Plan ahead

If I am going to build a debris shelter, I apply DEET (Diethyl-meta-toluamide) to my skin. I would not put DEET on children under 3-years-old. If you are applying DEET to children, a 30% maximum strength is recommended, but consult your pediatrician. Have a tick inspection plan and a tick removal plan.

* Awareness is a survival tool

Ticks that are not attached do not transmit disease. Not all ticks carry infection, and once bitten, it takes 36-48 hours for the tick to begin transmitting the disease.

* Avoid the wrong moves

Touching a tick with a hot match, crushing, twisting, applying petroleum jelly, alcohol or any other irritant are not effective and can increase the risk of infection.

* Practice the right moves

Carry a tick removal kit or a pair of pointed precision, unrasped fine-pointed tweezers whose tips align tightly when pressed firmly together. Practice holding the tweezers, so if you had to, you could grasp the tick by the head or mouthparts right where they enter the skin and pull firmly, steadily and directly outward. Resist the temptation to grab the tick body, jerk or twist to remove it.

* Proper tick disposal

Alcohol does kill ticks. I used to crush them, but I now either wrap them in an alcohol towlette and put that in a container or put them in a jar of alcohol if I find them walking around on me.

* Protect your skin from sun and wind damage

Some people wear long sleeve shirts and trousers, which is certainly effective. I enjoy shorts and tank tops, so I apply at least a 30 SPF sun block. With that, DEET and whatever air borne pollens attach to my skin. I make it a point to wash exposed skin with colloidal oatmeal. If I’m on a long trek, I reapply protection once a day or after swimming. Otherwise, I wash my skin as soon as I get home.

In the summer, I spray my furniture and drapes with permethrin, just in case a tick finds its way inside. I have not seen a tick on me in over two years and have not been bitten by a tick in over five years. Maybe I’m just lucky, but given the way I like to explore, I’m confident these methods are effective.

Feng Shui Business Card Tips

For many, feng shui business cards tips offer invaluable tool to strengthen marketing efforts and business results.

Business cards with good feng shui can increase profits as well as attract more clients, better employees and excellent mentors. On the other hand, cards with bad feng shui, can create a lot of pressure, frustration, unforeseen problems and difficult obstacles.

Feng shui principles bring essential harmony and balance to your business cards design. How?

Good feng shui business cards and logo design take these important rules into consideration:

1. Principles of Yin and Yang

Most successful and strong businesses work in line with nature’s principles. If you want to bring more harmony and prosperity into your business, you need to apply Yin and Yang principles to your cards and logo design. For instance, Yin and Yang Balancing principle advises that for things or people to work in their perfect order, they must be in balance. You need to avoid conflict at all cost. More harmony, including harmonious business cards and logo designs, add more value to your customers and business.

2. Personal element according to your date of birth

According to feng shui, our surrounding consists of 5 elements: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water. Personal element can be easily identified according to your date of birth. For instance, personal element for a person born between January 23, 1974 – February 10, 1075, is Wood Tiger.

3. Business element

Each specific type of business has its own business element. For example, if you work in furniture or paper business, education, hospital or design studio your feng shui business element is Wood. If you work in real estate, financial, construction, accounting or funeral business, your business element is Earth.

4. Supporting and Weakening cycles of 5 elements

All 5 natural elements – Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water, interact through supporting or weakening cycle. In the supporting cycle Wood fuels Fire, Fire makes Earth, Earth creates Metal, Metal holds Water and Water feeds Wood.

Balance between your personal element and element of your business is essential for good feng shui business cards design. Additionally, good combination of elements can enhance your luck and business prosperity.

5. Colors and Shapes

Each element is represented by certain colors and shapes. This is very useful to know when creating your own good feng shui logo shapes or choosing auspicious business cards colors. For instance, element of Metal is represented by color white, gold, bronze, chrome, silver and round shape.

Shape of your element can further help you to select the best feng shui font type for your cards. For instance, the nature for metal font is round.

6. Placement of the important information

Where you place important business information on your business cards is crucial to your success. For instance, if your name appears in the bottom row of your cards, you shoulder a lot of unnecessary stress and problems. You work very hard but see no positive gains.

Did you know that the flow of money in your business is mostly determined by the business cards design for your employees and sales people?

If you wonder why your sales team just hangs around the office and isn’t proactive enough to get more sales, change your business cards design. Never place their names on the left hand side in the middle row of the business cards. It has very negative effects on the overall business performance.

If you don’t want to spend too much of your valuable productive energy and time to fight invisible natural forces that can easily put obstacles and problems in your way, use feng shui to help you design the best business cards and logo for your business.

Every day you do many extraordinary things to improve your business. If you wish to create strong, profitable and successful business, while making the entire process easier and more enjoyable, make feng shui part of your daily life. Your family, business and your employees might thank you very soon.